Educating the Future of Moto-X!


Safe and Healthy Riding Educational Program

Kids want to learn and have fun and many are drawn to motorcycles just like the riders, coaches, and volunteers at Trying their best, treating each other with respect, and learning new techniques are some of the things kids find most fun about riding. Parents want a safe and healthy environment for their kids to experience all of these things.

Our RIDE SAFE Program is committed to helping create a safe and healthy youth riding environment by educating kids on Motivation and Sportsmanship as well as Safety, Equipment, and Skills. We work with coaches, parents, and athletes to teach kids about safe and healthy riding, which we believe will help create a high quality motocross experience and keep kids in the sport longer.

RIDE SAFE ambassadors work with kids at tracks, motocycle shops, and schools to teach riding fundamentals such as safety, awareness, proper equiment. We are also developing scholarships programs for kids who want to attend motocross schools and clinics.

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