All donations will be shared between the Women’s Pro Cup and the Pro Sport Classes

You are invited to a family friendly, adrenaline packed weekend that gives back to the riders at Cycle Ranch Motocross Park. This is an AMA Pro-Am event.

This year, we really wanted to do something special for the ladies so we are hosting the Women’s Pro Cup. We also wanted to do something exciting for our Pro Racers.  Cycle Ranch and FundMyRace are starting with $5,000 in purse money and this will grow as we get closer to race weekend! Here’s your chance to grow those pots so that the racers we all love and the stars of the future can flourish.

Donors get 10 raffle tickets to over $10,000 in giveaways at event!

About the event:

The traditional Thanksgiving race at Cycle Ranch has been ongoing for over 25 years, known as The WMA Women’s Cup, Four Stroke Nationals and the The USA MX Championships.  

The race is scheduled for November 28th.

We have reaffirmed the USA MX Championships to host the Women’s Pro Cup, Open Pro Classes, First Responders “Heroes Class” and an Open 2-Stroke with massive giveaways. In addition to these, we will have a full roster of youth and amateur classes, ensuring racing that’s good for the whole family, from Stacyc’s to 450s.

Over the years, Cycle Ranch has hosted pro racers such as Travis Pastrana, Mike Alessi and Robbie Reynard. Just last year, not only did we have riders from as far as Japan on the track but, we saw notable pro racers Andrew Short, Lane Shaw and Curren Thurman battle for the win. The future of the sport races here and 2023 looks set to be an even bigger year than before.

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About Cycle Ranch:

Cycle Ranch is a motocross paradise, sprawling over 100 acres and boasting over 13 off-road tracks for motocross, ATVs, side-by-sides, and even raptor trucks. It’s a place where racers and fans from all over the world come to compete and celebrate the thrill of the ride,  just outside San Antonio, Texas. We are inviting you to support this year’s USA MX Championships and help make it a roaring success.

This is more than just a motocross race. It’s a celebration of speed, skill, and the spirit of competition. And with your support, we can make it an event to remember.

So, are you ready to rev up your engines and support the USA MX Championships? Donate today and join us at Cycle Ranch for a motocross event like no other!

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