This page is for riders who want more information about how works.

IF FUND MY RACE IS NON-PROFIT, HOW DOES IT WORK? is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We’re here to help riders fund their racing.

We take a small percentate (4.9% + .50 per donation) from each donation to help pay for the organization’s expenses such as the website and marketing.

We pursue major corporate donations to fund our organization and negotiate perks for donors. We also take part of the income from webstore apparel sales. The money we take in from the small donation percentage, corporate donations, and income from apparel sales not only funds our expenses, it also goes back into donations to riders on our platform.

Our goal is to grow into a global platform that fuels racing careers.


Click the >>CREATE A PROFILE button on the right side of the top menu. It will take you through an easy to follow, step-by-step process to apply and set up your page.

There is a simple application that you will need to fill out. You will need your AMA card and your driver’s license (or your parent or guardian’s license).

After that you can choose a page style and upload the content (photos, videos, social media links, etc.).

There is an option to add a full media profile with your racing history, sponsors, and photo/video galleries. You can also add a webstore. Just select so design styles and we will build your store at no charge.


When someone donates to your account, you will receive a notice with their name, email, and the amount they donated.

At this stage you should email them a thank you and let them know if you have any special perks for them like discount codes or access to your Discord account.

It’s important to engage with the donors. It’s up to you to maintain your relationship with your donors. There are lots of ways to maintain and build these relationships. See the ‘How do I engage with my donors?’ tab below.

Each Friday at 8am PST we will transfer whatever funding you have crowd sourced for the week into your riders Passport account. Then you will be able to use your Virtual debit card, or your Visa debit card that PRIORITY provided you for whatever transactions you need to pay for. See the ‘What is a Passport account?’ tab below.


There are significant tax benefits for athletes. Travel expenses, rental fees, meals, and other professional expenses (such as trainers, physical therapists, doctors, etc.) related to athletic competition are likely to be tax-deductible. This means that expenses like meals on the road, physical therapy, and transportation costs to competitions (such as plane tickets or long car rides) can all be deducted from your taxes, potentially saving you a substantial amount of money. Given the challenges of earning income as an athlete, it makes sense to take advantage of these deductions and keep as much money as possible.

Here’s a great article on athletes and incorporation –



The first step is sending them a thank you email when you receive a donation notificaton.

PRIVATE IG ACCOUNT – Another great engagement tool is a private FundMyRace Instagram account. You can title it FMB_YourName and only allow your donors to follow you on this special account. Again, use this account to give donors a little inside knowledge about you, your racing, and any events your participating in.


SPECIAL PERKS – Talk to some of your sponsors and see if they have any discount codes you can offer to your donors or if they have any products that you can give away to the highest donor or to the first 5 donors, etc.

We will be providing riders with special NFT artwork that they can offer to their donors.

CONTESTS – Enter all of your donors into a contest and do a drawing and use something personal as the prize, like a signed jersey or goggles.

RECOGNITION – Offer social media ‘shout-outs’ for anyone who donates and/or offer a special place on your bike where you will put the name of a high paying donor for this weeks race. Be creative!



This is where your social media precense becomes important. You will need to use your socials to tell the world about your donation page.

The best angle is to ask for their support and tell them how greatful you are for any help they can provide. Focus on what you can accomplish with their help.

Avoid telling your followers sad stories about how tough things are. If you do have some huge obstacles to overcome, frame them as things you can conquer with their help. Keep it positive.

Tell your followers about any perks, contests, or special things you will be doing for your donors.

This is a way for riders to raise funds selling logo space on their helmet and bike. 
    • You can now offer spots on your bike, helmet, jersey, fork guards and fenders.
    • Choose what spots you want to offer, what the pricing is, and what events you’re offering
    • It is a tax deductable donation for your sponsors, family and friends and most important you
    • This is a way for your fans, companies to be involved in your program

Help us do more with a donation to FundMyRace

We're a 501(c)3 non-profit and we could really use your help to fund all of the great things we want to do. Click below to help us do more!

What does FundMyRace do for riders?

FMR is a way to synchronize the fans, followers, supporters and riders together in a truly unique way that can build a stronger fan base of togetherness. The main goal is to help fans become part of their favorite rider’s journey though donations. This creates financial support for riders and a more satisfying experience for fans.

Walk the pits at a Supercross or motocross event and you see fans line up for an autograph from their favorite rider. We’re giving those fans a way to participate in each one of those rider’s careers as a sponsor and friend. Fans feel more connected watching the rider they donated to and see their money go to a great cause, whether a rider’s page is solely for a charity contribution to Saint Jude’s Hospital, a Road to Recovery program, or to help him or her fund their racing.

When you enroll, we will schedule a on-boarding Zoom call to answer any questions.


Donations through a non-profit

FundMyRace is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. This designation allows individuals companies to know that their funding is legitimate and secure.  The increased level of trust, along with the tax write off benefits can increase volume of funding significantly.

Social media integration

Our portal can be easily seamlessly integrated with a rider’s current social media marketing and posts so followers, fans, and potential sponsors can easily donate with a few clicks.

Marketing on the FMR website

When riders register, they receive a searchable profile page on the website where random donors can find worthy riders to donate to. Profiles include photos, videos, racing schedule and history, and links to other coverage on the internet. Basic profiles are free. We offer a pro-design profile at a small charge.

Discounts from FMR partners

We work with industry-leading companies to offer pro-deal discounts on the types of products and services that a traveling racer needs to get through the season.

Business/marketing guidance

FMR will help riders become a branded entity through incorporation through our partners at We will explain the benefits and guide riders through the process.

Ongoing education and support

As we grow and learn, we will work closely with our riders to provide knowledge and support on marketing and crowdsourcing, social media marketing, and sponsor interaction.

Lots more to come

We’re just getting started. As we grow we will focus on bringing more value and funding to riders!


Each rider will have to submit proper documentation for review before approval. Required documentation we will be asking for will be.

  1. You must be over 18 years old. If you are under 18, your parental guardian will need to apply for the FMR campaign.
  2. You must be a current AMA member. If you are a Pro, you must hold a current pro AMA card.
  3. You must have at least one social media platform, such as Instagram.
  4. We will need to know the current race series you want to crowdfund for. We also require prior race results for verification, as well as current point standings.
  5. You will need to provide a valid driver’s license and utility bill as proof of identification.
  6. Each rider must display a small FMR/Rabbit Savior decal on their bike or jersey.